Sports in Motion : First ever Sports Photography NFT collection

Sports in Motion is World’s First curated Sports Photography NFT collection drop. This collection is created by 4 artists from 3 continents and curated by an ardent art collector himself. Collection drop is happening on 10th March 2022 on foundation app.
March 10, 2022
Sports in Motion is World’s First curated Sports Photography NFT collection drop. This  collection is created by  4 artists from 3 continents and curated by an ardent art collector himself. Collection drop is happening on 10th March 2022 on foundation app.

NFTs popularity has been on the rise and so does the adoption of sports NFTs which has exploded in recent years. The value of the broader NFT market is expected to grow to $75 billion by 2025, with much of the growth driven by the boom in sports NFT products.

Amidst this ever-growing ecosystem of NFTs and sports NFTs in particular, altiusDAO, a decentralized sports brand of metaverse, brings the first ever curated sport photography collection  on 10th March ‘2022. altiusDAO which aims to establish itself as the biggest change agents for IRL sports in metaverse has given a new perspective to the sports NFTs by giving a global stage to sports photographers and launching a specially curated collection of sports photographs. The collection has been named “Sports inMotion” as it captures eccentric essence and visualization imagery of motions across various sports.

The collection has been curated by Saushank , a Web3 evangelist, investor and one of India’s largest NFT collector and a reputed name in the Web3 ecosystem. altiusDAO, guided by its ethos of democratizing and supporting sports athletes, will use a portion of income generated through the sale of this collections towards supporting young athletes.

Meet the Creators of “Sports in Motion” collection:

altiusDAO has roped in 4 acclaimed international photographers, including a Pulitzer Prize winner photographer for this sports photography drop. Artists are from different regions of Asia, Europe and North America.

1. Scott Strazzante:

Scott Strazzante

Scott, one of the artists who photographs are part ofNFT drop is a Pulitzer winning staff photographer at the San Francisco Chronicle. He is a former POY/NPPA National Newspaper Photographer of the year, a former Pictures of the Year International Sports Photographer and an 11-timeIllinois Photographer of the Year. Strazzante’s personal project,  has been featured in National Geographic.

Scott started his photojournalism career in the late1980s and has covered the legendary basketball player, Michal Jordan and the team Chicago Bulls during 1990s. He then arrived in Bay Area in 2014, just in time to document the rise of another basketball great, Stephen Curry and theGolden State.

2. Javid Nikpour:

Javid Nikpour

Javid ,whose photos are part of this NFT drop, is an Iranian photojournalist and sports photographer. His photography capturing the moments of focus , swings and balancing act of the athletes while performing sports, is a master art. Javid is an Art first-grade diploma in photography  from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Iran . He is award winner at Pictures of the Year International (POYi) in 2016 and Grand Prix of Paris Sport Photo in 2019 . In addition, Javid had won multiple awards at various Photography festivals held in Iran. Javid was photo manager of Iranian photographers in Four Olympic Games (Beijing , London, Rio andTokyo) and Four Asian Games (Doha, Guangzhou, Incheon and Indonesia) between 2008 and 2022.

3. Olivier Criado:

Olivier Criado

Olivier is a photographer based out of Europe.  His work primarily documents the sub-cultures expressed in surfing, skating, fencing ,motor bikes  and the music that evolves around it. Oliver has sublimely captured the  vivid motion around motor racing and surfing in his exclusive 4 NFTs that are part of this drop .

4. Philippe Sheraf:

Philippe Sheraf

Philippe  is an award winning, former kickboxer and  an award winning  French photographer.  His photographs of  the various boxing shots and style captured during live kick boxing matches makes for an exhilarating and rare collection.Post retirement from kick boxing ,Philippe has been doing professional sports photography, covering the events and sports around boxing with  his ringside collections capturing boxing moments . Philippe also specializes in aerial photography shot captured from helicopter.  Philippe's work has been published in  French Fight magazines:  Fight Sports and Karate Bushido. Philippe was winner of 2020: The International B&W Spider Awards for his aerial photography collections.

The Curator of the drop, Saushank:

“Sports in Motion” collection has been curated by Saushank . Saushank is a web 3 evangelist, investor and advisor to multiple web3 projects and is also an ardent NFT collector. Saushank has great passion for IRL sports, particularly soccer.  Keeping the collector’s diverse perspective in mind he has come up with specially curated collection of single editions 16NFTs photographs of these 4 artists and named it as “Sports in Motion”.

This Collection will be available for sale on Foundation with collection named “Sports in Motion” from 10th March ’22 onwards. The NFT holders also get a useful additional utility in form of altiusDAO tokens in future.

One can browse collection on altiusDAO website or Foundation.


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