we are ALTIUS

World’s first web3 decentralized sports platform for supporting athletes with an ethos of bringing equal opportunities to all.



  • A global web3 Sports ecosystem
  • Engagement with all sports related stakeholders
  • A valuable communities of fans
  • Monetary support whenever required
  • A strong web3 brand presence
  • Opportunity of recurring wealth creation through NFT royalties


  • A global web3 Sports ecosystem
  • Exclusive communities run by athletes they love
  • Investment opportunity in upcoming champions
  • Future DSO tokens and reap theeconomic benefits of DSO activities
  • Economic benefits of the success ofthe athlete
  • Signed merchandises, front row seatand other utilities of DSO


Each NFT drop of ALTIUS is for the cause of supporting onboarded athletes. NFT holders are investing and becoming part of the journey of the athlete they believe in. Apart from it, each NFT holder gets DSO tokens and reaps the economic benefits of DSO activities.

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Sports is a global symbol of Passion, Energy and Grit. There is no other emotion that unifies the entire world like Sports. 

Sports is all about the ever-enduring Sportsperson and the ever-loving Sports Fan. However, for long, Sports have been governed by a handful of people and centralized bodies, limited in capabilities, dependent on the wisdom and power of a few. These handful few decide which athletes get all the resource and which pursue a glorious professional career. Thousands of promising athletes remain deprived of their chances. There is no way by which fans can invest in athletes they believe in and play a role in their professional journey. This has limited the fans   to just being Spectators. 

But, not anymore. It's time for a change. It’s time, all athletes get equal opportunities to develop their talent and perform to their maximum potential.

And for this, We are Building ALTIUS.

At ALTIUS, we believe that every promising athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue their professional career and every fan should be able to invest and become a part of the journey of an athlete they believe in.